Welcome to my new website!


Welcome to my new website, showcasing a few of my recent projects, and hopefully giving you an insight into who I am and what I have to offer. In the blog I hope to highlight some new innovations you might want to consider adding to your own projects as well as some classics you might have overlooked.

Home design is a very hot topic these days, so you'll find this blog (much like my projects) will focus on the practical aspects of making everyday life easier through design rather than trends in terms of colours and fabrics. 

British design and innovation has been a key part of our success over the centuries, and are still something we are known for today. With the referendum result 5 days ago I believe design and innovation are going to play key roles as we move forward together as a country, and start to shape our new identity outside the EU. Whichever way you voted I am sure you did it because you believed it was in the best interests of this country. We now need to come together behind the result to make the most of the decision of the majority and decide to work together, engage in the debates about the new laws that will need to be past and the trade links with partners both new and old. 

We can work together with developing countries to lift them out of poverty through trade as well as secure solid deals with the rest of Europe and the world. It's not going to be easy and there will be a cost many of us are going to have to pay in the process, as the shape of business, and employment in the UK changes. However, this is a decision we cannot reverse so let's be creative in how we make it work!